You cannot go wrong with this one! Lavender oil has a pleasant aroma with soothing and relaxing properties. It speeds up the processes of cellular regeneration. Lavender oil can be helpful in reducing acne, lightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. May be helpful with light burns such as sunburns by calming the skin.Suitable for all skin types. It is intended for use in massage oils, as an additive to bath water, to skin or hair cosmetics.

LAVENDER Essential Oil


Massage-1 to 5 drops in 20 ml of base vegetable oil; Bath-10 to 15 drops; In addition to cosmetic products-1 to 5 drops per 100 ml; In addition to soaps- 1 to 9 drops per 100 ml. Aroma lamp: 1 to 5 drops of oil.