Skincare Routine Shift from Summer to Fall

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Don't look at us this way! We are not saying the summer is over!

.....Okay, maybe we are...You don't have to admit it, but you can start researching the best adjustments to your skincare routine now, before you wake up feeling like a snake changing its skin.....

Summer. We all love summer. Sunrays, ocean waves, brighter hair, lighter skincare....but also, sweaty, sticky and maybe oily skin? When we enter the colder and drier days though, our skin tends to dry, but can also experience more redness, irritation, breakouts and dullness - all resulting from struggling skin barrier, as it is adjusting to the new environment.

In the hot and humid days, we tend to go for gel or foam based cleansers, to get rid of the dirt collected throughout the day, oiliness and sweat. When in less humid environment though, she should opt for gentler cleansers, like cream or oil-based ones that support stronger skin barrier, and even better - moisturize. If they contains oils or other hydrating ingredients - those are bonus points! A gentle face toner (alcohol-free) or a floral water, do wonders to balance the skin barrier and pH after cleanser, and prepare the skin for the following steps, so we advise on going the extra mile. It is actually super refreshing and will probably become your favorite part of your routine.

You would do yourself a favor, if you add a hydrating and/or nourishing serum to your evening (and if necessary morning) routine. This will help your skin cell renewal processes, as well as collagen and elastin preservation. You really want to make sure you are giving all the hydration and nutrients your skin needs to go through that adjustment and enter the harsh conditions of the winter.

Finally - the moisturizer (or face cream, depending on your skin needs). We suggest you switch to a richer one for the colder part of the year. Be extra. If you are going for natural products, look for shea butter, rosehip, olive oil, carrot oil, etc. Ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are good too. And don't forget to apply on dry skin - don't let that water slip away.

Good routine habits to keep from the summer:

  • SPF

  • Body lotion/oil

  • Lip balm

(Reminder: find your umbrella)


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