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A few words about Bulgaria

The second oldest country in Europe, Bulgaria, has historically been a supplier of oils and herbs abroad. From Korean skincare, through the French Chloe, Bvlgari, even to the luxury gin brand - Hendricks, which has Bulgarian rose in it! Additionally, skincare manufacturing has always been a leading industry in our country, even if this is a little known fact due to the size of Bulgaria. This has resulted in years of know-how and expertise in the field. And we want the world to know about it as we have a whole lot to offer!

On a personal note...

Naked Feels has two founders, two girls with their own different adventures that lead them to loving skincare, and ultimately get together to bring this marketplace to life. From Bulgaria, the land of rose and lavender, to the US.

Velina is this girl with always relatively non-pretentious skin, the one who would often times get compliments for it and whose foundation has been sitting half-way used in her cabinet for years. So she took a little detour to get here - she experienced a period of high stress which started unveiling through anxiety, breath shortage and all sorts of surrounding struggles. Before turning to the pills immediately prescribed after an anxiety attack, she started reading about holistic approaches to stress. Her doctor said “if I could prescribe you aromatherapy and yoga, I would”. So she dug in. One thing lead to another, and essential oils were in her face skincare routine, her body lotion got substituted for an oil mix and refrigerator and cabinets were packed by bottles of oils. A lot of them came from Bulgaria, as that’s their home – lavender, rose, chamomile, Melissa and others.

Ralie, on the other hand, has always had periods of problematic and acne prone skin. Teenage acne, hormonal acne, you name it. Her trip to the dermatologist has in times turned into a weekly routine. The search for solutions has made her a skin and body care lover like a maniac. From making her own cosmetics, to trying expensive ones from all over the world, to independent brands – you name it, she’s tried it! While talking about how much Bulgaria has been growing in the field of skincare and how many wonderful little brands have been popping up, covering the market at home, they thought – why don’t we bring this to America? People should know about the little treasures we have here!

And that’s how Naked Feels was born. A place to appreciate your own self, your body, your skin and your wellbeing. Nurture it, take good care of it, and feel comfortable in your own skin as it is. We believe that our skin is not just there to shine (or matte..) on pictures, but is also protecting our bodies every day. And we have to mindful about it, and give it all it needs to keep doing its job. So we are providing you all the tools you need to achieve that, and joint our community!

what do we at Naked Feels do

We love skin. 

And we cherish it. 

And we believe in taking good care of it. 

As it is our one piece of clothing we can never change.

And it is here to protect us and our bodies, and the more we care for it, the better it will serve us. 


We select brands and lines that have a certain mission to solving a problem, giving you the best of nature, while being eco-friendly, always cruelty-free and vegan. We work with manufacturers in Bulgaria that work under the highest standards of European regulations to bring safe products to your bathroom cabinet. 

We believe a good product is one which you forget about immediately after you apply it. As it just becomes part of your skin in the most comfortable way. 


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