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Vitamin C needs no introduction! All time favorite best friend of our skin with potent anti-oxidant qualities. DeBa Vitamin C is a dermatologically tested line of four products empowered by vitamin C to protect and illuminate your skin, fight environmental damage and contribute to brighter and fresher looking skin.

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DeBa is a European brand that takes an ingredient, which has a specific focus on a skin problem or benefit, and develop the products its qualities would shine the most from and be of the best benefit to our skin. Vitamin C, Clay, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids - if it's good, it captures their attention. 

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a superhero ingredient which neutralizes free-radicals which are attacking our skin daily from the outside world. Supported by moringa oil in the daily face cream and the tomato extract in the eye serum, this line helps your skin bright up, regenerate and stay healthy and hydrated.

Don't miss on the details: stainless steel applicator on the eye serum for additional de-puffing action, and AHA/BHA chemical weekly peel for exfoliation.


chemical exfoliator

once/twice per week (at night, on clean skin) to get rid of dead skin cells increase cell turnover.