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Certified natural and organic


BioVital is a Cosmos Organic and Natural certified line, formulated and produced in compliance with the international Cosmos Standard.


The brands and lines we carry focus on specific concept or concern, making it easy for you to pick you best fit. They are all manufactured in Bulgaria, under the high standards set by the European Union, to ensure your safety. EU hasn't banned over 1,600 ingredients for no reason!

DeBa's Vitamin C line has focused on the super-antioxidant to design a line for bright and luminous skin.

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Organic Floral Waters

BulInnovation specializes steam distillation of natural and organic floral waters, more potent than you can imagine. 

Natural & Vegan FACE & BODY Soaps

Vegan, Cruelty-free, 100%, non-drying, non-irritating face and body soaps, inspired by their founder's love for science and nature. Suitable for all skin types, face and body

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Natural, Handmade, Water-free SKINCARE

The ladies of Handmaids have crafted an array of handmade, natural, vegan and cruelty free products and packaged them in artsy sustainable packaging suitable for everybody and every skin. Because nature is good for all! 

Dreamful Candles

Formulated in the kingdom of aromas - France, and put together in the kingdom of oils and herbs - Bulgaria. Inspired by memories and emotions, they will take you anywhere you dream of. Long-lasting burning life too! 60hrs

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Extra-light, quick drying, cotton BEACH and HOME towels

Shulka are extra-light and quick-drying towels you can take anywhere with you, almost fitting them in your pocket. 100% organic cotton to wrap around and love you!