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The everchanging cosmetics industry has been called to revisits its morals for several years now – and rightfully so! With synthetic ingredients designed to be cheap while showing immediate effect, products had become harsh, causing skin sensitivity to become more and more frequent, irritations and redness to appear unexpectedly even for those with non-sensitive skin, and for the consumer to start reading the labels and ingredients and look for safer products. This is not to say that all synthetics are bad, while all natural products are miracle workers, but that a good filter and formulations around the two categories is needed. And we are very happy such twist is happening, as we want people to be healthy, happy while also closer to nature!

Bio Vital is skin, body and hair care range enriched with nature’s treasures. The products are designed to bring body back to nature and to boost its energy and beauty through the power of nature.


The range of products is sustainable and natural. They are all EcoCert certified following the Cosmos Organic and Cosmos Natural Standards. All raw materials are vegan friendly. The formulations are turning to time proven skin friends such are shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, pomegranate extract, etc. – to carefully design safe and effective products from nature.  



The packaging is eco-friendly, mostly glass, aluminum and recycled paper, with as little plastic as possible, only when absolutely needed, and only recyclable such.



No artificial fragrances were used in this line, so you can smell nature right out of the jar. And we hope you like it!


Age label

Skincare products are labeled with age categories as well, to make it easier to asses richness of the product before purchasing. For example, a 35+ product would be richer in texture and ingredients than a 25+ one, so if you are 30, but have a drier skin, you should probably consider turning to 35+ product.